Use Your Illusion I & II Initial Releases

Use Your Illusion I & II

September 17, 1991 (Uzi Suicide/Geffen)

Initial Releases

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Use Your Illusion I Track List:

1. Right Next Door To Hell
2. Dust 'n' Bones
3. Live And Let Die
4. Don't Cry - Original
5. Perfect Crime
6. You Ain't The First
7. Bad Obsession
8. Back Off Bitch
9. Double Talkin' Jive
10. November Rain
11. The Garden
12. Garden Of Eden
13. Don't Damn Me
14. Bad Apples
15. Dead Horse
16. Coma

Use Your Illusion II Track List:

1. Civil War
2. 14 Years
3. Yesterdays
4. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
5. Get In The Ring
6. Shotgun Blues
7. Breakdown
8. Pretty Tied Up
9. Locomotive
10. So Fine
11. Estranged
12. You Could Be Mine
13. Don't Cry (Alternative Lyrics)
14. My World

Released as vinyl LPs, cassette tapes, and cds.


As vinyl LPs, each album was released as a 2 record set in a wide spine cover.  Released worldwide 1991.  Each album is valued at $60.00 (Vinyl LP).
Use Your Illusion I & II 30-track 2 CD Set inside a 12x6" long box picture sleeve released worldwide 1991.  Set is valued at $60.00 (CD).
Use Your Illusion I & II 24ct Gold CD released May 13, 1997.  Original Master Recordings.  Mobile Fidelity Audiophile Ultra Disc II, Gain 2.  Each album is valued at $77.00 (CD).
Use Your Illusion Rack Version is a combination of the two albums on one CD or Cassette.  Released worldwide August 25, 1998.  This album is valued at $15.00 (CD).  The cassette is valued at $8.00 (Cassette).
The cassette tapes released worldwide 1991 are valued at $13.00 each (Cassette).