Rapidfire, the first recording of Axl's voice!


Soon to be released

The very first recordings of

Axl Rose's voice!

Track list:

1. Ready To Rumble
2. All Night Long
3. The Prowler
4. On The Run
5. Closure


Axl Rose: Vocals
Kevin Lawrence: Guitar
Mike Hammernik: Bass
Chuck Gordon: Drums

Who?  What?  Never heard of them?  Rapidfire was the first band Axl joined after moving to LA in 1982.  They recorded this one and only self-titled demo May 25, 1983.  It has remained in storage in its original 8-track format for 25 years.  Kevin plans to release the album sometime this year.  He is currently trying to reach some kind of agreement with Axl for the sake of friendship.  However, even without Axl's agreement, Kevin has the legal right to release the album and thoroughly plans to do so.  According to Lawrence, "Axl's voice on the Rapidfire recording sounds a bit more Rob Halford-ish compared to his vocals on Appetite for Destruction."  In addition, the CD's packaging will reportedly include "plenty of pre-tattoo Axl pictures."