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Guns N' Roses Clothing Accessories


In this guide, I give a release year and a monetary value of what an item is worth to a collector.  This value only applies to an item that is rare or vintage.  I will also mark an item as a bootleg to indicate an item that is unofficially licensed where applicable and will indicate whether an item is still mass marketed.  In the case of current mass marketing, the value indicates the current retail cost of the item.


  On October 10, 2005, Wilsons Leather together with Bravado International Group launched an exclusive collection of rock & roll-licensed merchandise for the holiday season.  The women's leather Bullet handbag originally retailed for $100.00 and was on clearance for $40.00, but has since been sold out and deleted from their catalog.  A purse in new condition may still be worth the original retail price to collectors.  If they are used, sellers should expect no more than the clearance price as these items are recent and still available.  These are new collectors items.



Officially licensed and manufactured by The Rock and Roll Emporium, designer Michele Marcombe issued The Record Purse on July 28, 2006.  Create a one-of-a-kind designer handbag hand crafted from vintage album cover and vinyl. Each "Record Purse" features the original album cover on front and the actual vinyl record on back. Size is 9"x8"X4" for the best fit of the vinyl record.  (They haven't produced one yet for GNR, but you can have one custom made.)  This item is currently being mass marketed and retails for $70.00 USD. 

[Say goodbye to our vintage vinyl albums. *sighs*]