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"Cool Hand Luke", 1967

The speech at the beginning of the song "Civil War" is from this movie.

"Vanishing Point", 1971

The song "Breakdown" contains quotes from this movie

"Deadly Friend", 1986

Soundtrack contains "Sweet Child O' Mine"

Sweet Child O' Mine was the band's first single.  It was officially released in 1988.

"Bad Dreams", 1988

"Sweet Child O' Mine" is played during the movie

"Dead Pool", 1988

The band minus Axl appeared in the movie.  He was played by Jim Carey.

Soundtrack contains "Welcome To The Jungle"

"The Decline of Western Civilization Part II:

The Metal Years", 1988

Axl sings "Under My Wheels" with Alice Cooper

"American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt", 1989

"Move to the City" is played during the movie

"Lean On Me", 1989

Soundtrack contains "Welcome To The Jungle"

"Casualties of War", 1989

Michael J. Fox makes a speech during this movie which is included in "Madagascar"

"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", 1989

Daughter has a Guns N' Roses poster in the background

"State of Grace", 1990

Soundtrack contains "Sweet Child O' Mine"

"Days Of Thunder", 1990

"Civil War" plays on the radio during the movie.

Soundtrack contains "Knocking On Heavens Door", a Bob Dylan cover performed by Guns N' Roses

"Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead", 1991

Older brother comes out of his room and has an Axl Rose poster on his door.

"Cape Fear", 1991

Girl sits in the room with "Patience" playing on the radio.

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day", 1991

Soundtrack contains "You Could Be Mine"

Music video stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and contains scenes from the movie

"Wayne's World", 1992

Guy wears GNR T-Shirt.

"Encino Man", 1992

Guy suggests calling ice man "Axl" and performs Axl's signature snake dance.

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"The Midnight Special", 1992

"Welcome To The Jungle" is played during the movie to flush Manuel Noriega out of hiding.  Movie is in Spanish.

Axl also composed original music for the soundtrack.

"The Program", 1993

Soundtrack contains "Welcome To The Jungle"

"National Lampoon Last Resort", 1994

An old lady and her husband get on a bus and they sit in the front seat. The old lady looks behind her and sees a fat couple in there late 30's that have pirate hats on. The old lady says "Ahh! It's Guns N' Roses." The fat lady with pirate says "No honey we're the Morgey's."

"Airheads", 1994

They mention in the end that they want the GN'R director (Andy Morahan).

"Brainscan", 1994

Furlong is surprised finding his friend outside the front door gasping; "Man, is it You?!". His friend replies "No, it's Axl Rose you idiot!"

"True Lies", 1994

When Arnold is complaining about his daughter, his friend tells him "Look, Axl Rose is her father and Madonna is her mother!"

"Interview With The Vampire", 1994

Soundtrack contains: "Sympathy For The Devil", a Rolling Stones cover performed by Guns N' Roses

The song was released as a single and appears on the Greatest Hits album

"Empire Records", 1995

One of the actors is asked who his favorite singer is, he replies Axl. He further defends his choice by talking about Axl.

"First Wives Club", 1996

A lady finds many bottles of hard liquor in the garbage and asks: "Who'd you party with? Guns N' Roses?"

"Big Bully", 1996

Tom Arnold gives Rick Moranis an Evel Knievel doll from when they were kids. The son of Rick's character asks who's Evel Knievel. Rick says he was the original drummer for GNR

"The Van", 1996

The third installment of Irish author Roddy Doyle's 'Barrytown Trilogy' depicts the hilarious yet poignant adventures of Bimbo

Soundtrack contains "Paradise City"

"Selena", 1997

Soundtrack contains "Welcome to the Jungle"

"Grosse Point Blank", 1997

Gun's N' Roses Live and Let Die comes on outside the store, then Paul McCartney's version is played inside the store.

"Private Parts", 1997

When Howard Stern does his Fart Man act on stage, he then goes backstage and this is where you briefly see Slash.

"Kundun", 1997

Inspiration for the song, "Chinese Democracy" and the still unreleased album title.

"Can't Hardly Wait", 1998

Soundtrack contains "Paradise City"

"Big Daddy", 1999

Soundtrack contains "Sweet Child O' Mine" cover by Sheryl Crow, plus a re-recorded version of "Sweet Child O' Mine" mixed with the recording of the Paris 1992 concert.

"Never Been Kissed", 1999

One of the Newspaper employees where Drew's character works said that she lost her virginity in the back of a van at a Guns N' Roses concert.

"End Of Days", 1999

Soundtrack contains "Oh My God"

"Loser", 2000

Actor mentions "Axl Rose"

"Titans", 2000

"Welcome to the jungle" is played at the beginning of the movie

"The Underground Comedy Movie", 2000

Slash acts in this movie

"Rated X", 2000


Slash laid down some guitar licks for the soundtrack

"Coffee and Donuts", 2000


10 watts of ambition, heartbreak, and a retarded cat.  Stars W. Axl Rose the Cat as Axl.  Also starred in Das Cat (foreign film), Mike's Gym III "Excuses", and The Karate Workshop "Cardio Kickboxing Special", both 30 second cable commercials.

"The Real Cancun", 2003

Soundtrack contains "Paradise City"

"Longest Yard", 2005

"Paradise City" is played during the the movie trailer

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith", 2005

"Used To Love Her" cover by Voodoo Glow Skulls is played during the movie trailer

"Body of Lies", 2008

"If the World" is played during the movie credits