GN'R Lies Hit Single

GN'R Lies

October 25, 1988 (Uzi Suicide/Geffen)

Hit Single

In this guide, I give an issue date, release location, and a monetary value of what an item is worth to a collector.  This value only applies to an item that is in perfect mint condition, i.e., it has to be factory sealed.  Please refer to my Evaluation Guide for more information.

Patience was the only single off the Lies album.  It was released as a 12" LP Promo, 7" single, Cassette Tape, and CD.


Patience/Rocket Queen.  2-track 7" vinyl released worldwide 1989.  This album is valued at $25.00 (Vinyl).
Patience/Rocket Queen 2-track Cassette single released worldwide 1989.  This tape is valued at $20.00 (Cassette).
Patience 1-track CD single released 1989.  This cd is valued at $40.00 (CD).