GN'R Lies Compact Discs

GN'R Lies

October 25, 1988 (Uzi Suicide/Geffen)

Compact Discs

In this guide, I give an issue date, release location, and a monetary value of what an item is worth to a collector.  This value only applies to an item that is in perfect mint condition, i.e., it has to be factory sealed.  Please refer to my Evaluation Guide for more information.

The original worldwide release is currently valued at $17.00 (CD).



Released in Japan 1988 under the Warner-Pioneer label.  Includes nude insert and obi strip.  This cd is valued at $74.00 (CD).  This is the only time a CD featured the original cover.

  Re-released 1992 for sale in Taiwan.  Includes warning sticker and obi strip.  This cd is valued at $40.00 (CD).
[No image available]   Lies Gold Tour Picture CD released in Australia 1995.  Includes facsimile autographs on both the cd and picture sleeve.  This cd is valued at $90.00 (CD).
Released worldwide May 13, 1997.  Limited Edition 24ct Gold CD Master Recordings by Mobile Fidelity.  Includes original artwork.  Valued at $77.00 (CD).
  In 2003, the GN'R Lies CD was released as part of a 2CD boxed set along with Appetite for Destruction in both Columbia and Brazil.  This was the only time that the Live Like A Suicide cover art was used as the cover for the Lies CD.  The inner liner is the nude blonde with the Lies track list.  There is one way to tell the difference between the two CDs.  If the record label reads "Geffen/Universal", it is from Brazil.  If it reads "Universal", it is from Columbia.  Either CD is worth around $28.00 USD because of the rarity of this particular cover art used for this CD and where it was released.  Apparently the Lies CD is being sold separately from the boxed set and it is causing a mass of confusion among sellers and bidders alike.  Sellers, please list this CD as GN'R Lies--not Live Like A Suicide.  The cover art contradicts the disc.

Promotional Material


Paradise City/Welcome To The Jungle/Sweet Child O' Mine/Patience 4-track 12" vinyl Maxi single Promo released 1989 in Japan. Discography and bio is printed on the back cover.  This album is valued at $257.00 USD (Vinyl LP).
Patience/Rocket Queen/Interview with Axl.  3-track 12" vinyl Maxi single released in the United Kingdom 1989.  Includes a Cross logo tattoo.  This album with tattoo is valued at $52.00 (Vinyl LP).
Patience/Rocket Queen/Interview with Axl.  3", 3-track CD single released in Germany 1989.  Includes 3" gatefold card picture sleeve.  This album is valued at $46.00 (CD).
Patience 1-track 7" vinyl Promo released in Spain 1989.  This album is valued at $25.00 (Vinyl).