Guns N Roses Studio Sessions

Guns N' Roses Studio Sessions

Every once in a while, you may encounter officially released fan club issue studio sessions being sold as bootlegs.  I created this list so you can recognize them when you see them and you won't get ripped off.  Once you know what is out there, you can search on Ebay for GNR cds you never knew existed.  I have not attached a collector value to these albums because I honestly don't know what they are worth.  This guide is offered for information purposes only. 

Guns N' Roses is the second most bootlegged band in music history and for obvious reason.  They are one of the best live performance bands in the music industry.  They made a living off their live shows from the very beginning of their career.  They are so heavily bootlegged because each show is unpredictable and because Axl's vocal style changes with his mood.  GNR also performs songs live that may never be officially recorded and a bootleg offers the rare opportunity for fans to hear them.  A lot of people cannot attend the live shows and bootlegs benefit them as well.  Every once in a while, you may encounter bootleg cds being sold as officially licensed merchandise.  I created this list so you can recognize them when you see them and you won't get ripped off.  Once you know what is out there, you can search on Ebay for GNR music you never knew existed.  It also serves as a list of tour dates from the beginning of their career to present.  This list may also help you date your concert tees.  These bootleg cds have been produced by various fans who attended the live shows, and by non-US bootleg record labels.  They are listed in order of the appearance date, place, whether a cd or dvd was made from the show and how many.

I have not attached a collector value to these albums because I honestly don't know what they are worth, with the exception of the few rare vinyl bootlegs.  Suffice it to say that they are typically more valuable than officially licensed merchandise because they are so hard to obtain and difficult to replace.  This guide is offered for information purposes only.

Bootleg Record labels:

Aces High (AH)

Condor CDs (C)

Ingram Suicide (IS)

Langley (L)

Toasted Records (T)

SBD = Soundboard; AUD = Audience recording; FB = Fan made Bootleg

Sessions (86-87) (2 CDs) All studio demos from the years 1986-87 different from the Appetite versions. Includes a long piano version of November Rain and some rare songs only performed live.  Track list: Jumpin Jack Flash 1/You're Crazy 1/Wreckless Life 1 (original spelling)/Heartbreak Hotel 1/Shadow of Your Love 1/Welcome to the Jungle 1/Move to the City 1/Mama Kin 1/Mama Kin 2/Heartbreak Hotel 2/Instrumental Jam/ Jumpin Jack Flash 2/Jumpin Jack Flash 3/Rap/November Rain (piano version)/Rocket Queen/Nightrain/My Michelle/ You're Crazy 2/Paradise City/Move to the City 2/ November Rain (guitar version)/Shadow of Your Love 2/Wreckless Life 2/Think About You/Welcome to the Jungle 2/Don't Cry/Nice Boys/Back Off Bitch/ Anything Goes (original version w/different lyrics).
Sessions (87-91) (4 CDs) Track list: Out To Get Me/Rocket Queen 1/Rocket Queen 2/Nightrain/My Michelle/You're Crazy 1/You're Crazy 2/Paradise City/ Move to the City 1/Move to the City 2/Move to the City 3/November Rain 1/ November Rain 2/Shadow of Your Love 1/Shadow of Your Love 2/Wreckless Life 1/Wreckless Life 2/Think About You/Welcome to the Jungle 1/Welcome to the Jungle 2/Welcome to the Jungle 3/Don't Cry 1/Don't Cry 2/Nice Boys/Jumpin Jack Flash 1/Jumpin Jack Flash 2/Jumpin Jack Flash 3/Heartbreak Hotel 1/ Heartbreak Hotel 2/Mama Kin 1/Mama Kin 2/ Instrumental Jam/Rap/ The Garden/Yesterdays/Sentimental Movie/Bad Obsession/Crash Diet/Anything Goes/ Bring It Back Home/Back Off Bitch/ Instrumental/Too Much Too Soon/Just Another Sunday/Salt Of The Earth/Live and Let Die/Mama Kin/Wild Horses/ Train Kept A Rollin'/Bohemian Rhapsody/We Will Rock You/The Godfather Theme/ Always On The Run/Whole Lotta Rosie/Down on the Farm/Only Women Bleed/Guns N' Roses Medley.
[No image available] GNR Lies Outtakes (1 CD) Astonishing recording that leaked in 2006, includes 3 tracks never heard before.  The first is a medley of Used to Love Her and Cornshucker (a very dirty song never heard in studio version until today; they played it once live in the 80's.) You're Crazy and One in a Million are also COMPLETELY different from what you have on the album.  Track list: Used To Love Her/Cornshucker/You're Crazy/One in a Million/Patience.
[No image available] GNR Use Your Illusion & Spaghetti Incident Sessions (2 CDs).  Track list: New Rose/Raw Power/Attitude/I Don't Care About You/Black Leather/Down On The Farm/Human Being/My World/Shotgun Blues/Get In The Ring/Pretty Tied Up/Estranged/ Locomotive/You Could Be Mine/Perfect Crime/Right Next Door To Hell/Bad Obsession/Back Off Bitch/Garden Of Eden/Dead Horse/Don't Damn Me/Bad Apples/You're Crazy/Mr. Brownstone/Think About You/Anything Goes/Rocket Queen/Out Ta Get Me.
Use Your Illusion Outtakes (2 CDs).  Track list: Dust N' Bones 1/Bad Obsession/Back Off Bitch/Double Talkin' Jive/November Rain/The Garden/ Garden of Eden 1/Don't Damn Me/Bad Apples/Dead Horse/Coma/Civil War 1/ Civil War 2/Civil War 3/Get in the Ring/Ain't Goin' Down/Don't Damn Me 2/ Don't Damn Me 3/Garden of Eden 2/Locomotive/Dust N' Bones 2.
The Locomotive Incident (1 CD) A compilation of many versions of the song: Locomotive. One of the best by GNR but rare to find on bootlegs. One version features Steven Adler on drums (1989). Another version features Jeff Beck on guitar with Slash and Gilby (Paris).  Track list: Locomotive (Los Angeles 7.30.91)/Locomotive (Los Angeles 8.3.91)/ Locomotive (New York City 12.13.91)/Locomotive (Paris Rehearsal June '92)/Locomotive (North Hollywood. Use Your Illusion rehearsals 12.6.89)/Locomotive (Tokyo 2.20.92)/Locomotive (From the cd "Use Your Illusion & TSI Sessions")/Locomotive (Mountain View (7.19.91, first time played live).
[No image available] Compilation including 9 songs from The Ritz 1988 (2 CDs).  Track list: Out Ta Get Me/Sweet Child O' Mine/My Michelle/Knockin' On Heaven's Door/ Welcome to the Jungle/Band Introduction/Nightrain/Paradise City/Mama Kin/ Rocket Queen/Always on the Run (live Paris 1992, with Lenny Kravitz)/Sentimental Movie (Slash on vocals)/Crash Diet/Shadow of Your Love/Don't Cry (different version)/ Heartbreak Hotel/Dust in the Wind (live 1993)/November Rain (acoustic guitar)/November Rain (piano version)/Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC cover)/Knockin' On Heaven's Door Unplugged (live)/Bohemian Rhapsody (Axl, Elton John, Queen; live)/We Will Rock You (live)/Salt of the Earth (Axl and Izzy w/Rolling Stones, live)/The Garden (early version)/Blues Jam, live '87 (Instrumental but Slash talks).
[No image available] Ultra Rare Tracks I (1 CD).  A collection of rare demos, unreleased songs and live songs.  Track list: Ain't Goin' Down/Get In The Ring/Don't Damn Me/ Breakdown/Back Off Bitch/Goodnight Tonight/Cornshucker/Imagine/You're Crazy/Studio Medley/Paradise City/My Michelle/Welcome To The Jungle/Sweet Child O' Mine/Patience/One In A Million/You Could Be Mine/Live And Let Die/ Don't Cry/Knockin' On Heaven's Door/Yesterdays/November Rain/Dust In The Wind/Hotel California/Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.
[No image available] Ultra Rare Tracks II (1 CD).  A collection of rare live performances.  Track list: Welcome To The Jungle/You're Crazy/Used To Love Her/Patience/Civil War/ Down On The Farm/Mr. Brownstone/You Could Be Mine/Don't Cry/ Paradise City/Only Women Bleed/Knockin' On Heaven's Door/November Rain/ Mongoloid.
[No image available] Ultra Rare Tracks III (1 CD).  A collection of rare live performances.  Track list: It's So Easy/Marseilles/Tastes Good, Don't It?/Mixed Emotions/Salt Of The Earth/Dead, Jail Or Rock N' Roll/Free Fallin/Heartbeak Hotel/Piece Of Me/Hair Of The Dog/Tie Your Mother Down/Honky Tonk Women/Come Together/The Avengers/One/The One/Since I Don't Have You/Roadhouse Blues.
[No image available] Ultra Rare Tracks IV (1 CD).  A collection of rare live performances.  Track list: Hair Of The Dog/Don't Cry (Alt. Lyrics)/Out Ta Get Me/Garden Of Eden/ The Garden/Reckless Life/Yesterdays/Whole Lotta Rosie/Under My Wheels/ Mama Kin/Train Kept A Rollin'/ Knockin' On Heaven's Door/Tie Your Mother Down/We Will Rock You/Coma/Drift Away/Since I Don't Have You/ Happiness Is A Warm Gun/Everything/Over The Hills And Far Away.
[No image available] Ultra Rare Tracks V (1 CD).  A collection of rare live performances.  Includes an instrumental version of Locomotive with Slash and Jeff Beck on guitars. Sweet Child O' Mine is a blend with the first half recorded live at Paris in 1992 and the second half performed by the new band lineup in 1999.  This one track alone offers a rare opportunity to study the sound of the different musicians.  Track list: Not Fade Away/Mr. Brownstone/Rock And Roll/Slash & Izzy Jam (w/LA Guns)/Don't Cry (Alt. Lyrics)/Free Fallin/Knockin' On Heaven's Door/Dead Horse/ Godfather Theme/Unreleased Song from the Making Of Estranged video/Mr. Brownstone (Remix)/Sweet Child O' Mine/Oh My God/Jam/Locomotive/Train Kept A Rollin'/The Garden/Welcome To The Jungle 1/Welcome To The Jungle 2/Whole Lotta Rosie.
[No image available] Ultra Rare Tracks VI (1 CD).  A collection of rare rehearsals.  Tracks 8-11 were recorded in 1985, making these the oldest known recordings of Guns N' Roses before they were discovered!  Only one of them was ever officially released.  Track list: Don't Damn Me 1/Don't Damn Me 2/Garden Of Eden/ Locomotive/Dust N' Bones/Civil War Instrumental/Civil War/We're An American Band/Ain't Goin' Down/Back Off Bitch/Indiana Ain't My Kinda Town/ Instrumental Demo 1/Instrumental Demo 2/Looking At You/It's A Sin/You Better Run.
[No image available] Ultra Rare Tracks VII (1 CD) (No track list yet)
[No image available] Ultra Rare Tracks VIII (1 CD) (No track list yet)

Ultra Rare Trax (1 CD)

Shadow of Your Love, Out Ta Get Me, Down on the Farm, Right Next Door to Hell, Whole Lotta Rosie, Attitude, One In A Million, Used to Love Her, You're Crazy, Salt of the Earth, Wild Horses, Heartbreak Hotel, Mother, Free Fallin', Bad Time, Move to the City, The Avengers, Yesterdays, Dead Horse, Only Women Bleed, Intrumental

1: Studio Outtakes (with the audience cheer) 
2: The Ritz, New York, NY. 02/02/1988
3: Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, IN. 04/07/1990
4, 15: Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN. 05/29/1991
5: The Marquee, London, England. 06/28/1987
6: Unknown
7, 9, 16: CBGBs, New York, NY. 10/30/1987
8, 17: Felt Forum, New York, NY. 05/09/1988
10: Convention Center, Atlantic City, NJ. 12/19/1989
11: Unknown
12, 14: Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA. 09/06/1989
13 Unknown
18: Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV. 01/25/1992?
19: Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 01/20/1991
20: Unknown
21: Perkins Palace, Pasadena, CA. 12/30/1987

Unwanted Illusions is a demo cd recorded during the Illusion sessions at Rumbo Studios in Canoga Park, Los Angeles.  It also includes two early rehearsal recordings from the Hellhouse.  Track list:  Crash Diet/Bring it Back Home/ Sentimental Movie (Slash on vocals)/Just Another Sunday/Axl's Blues/It Tastes Good, Don't It?/Too Fast to Live (Instrumental)/It's So Easy (Slash on vocals)/Scrap Bar Daze/Booze Party  (Intro to acoustic Move to the City)/Jumping Jack Flash/Jumpin Jack Flash (Hellhouse Rehearsal)/Jumpin Jack Flash (Acoustic)/Heartbreak Hotel (Studio Demo)/Heartbreak Hotel (Hellhouse Rehearsal).
GN'R: The Story; From the Beginning to the Years of Destruction (85-89) (4 CDs).  Track List: Anything Goes (Alt. Lyrics)/Back Off Bitch/Bad Obsession/ Bring It Back Home/Blues Jam/Crash Diet/Don't Cry/Heartbreak Hotel 1/ Heartbreak Hotel 2/It's So Easy/ Used To Love Her 1/Used To Love Her 2/Ain't Goin' Down (Instrumental)/Jumpin Jack Flash 1/Jumpin Jack Flash 2/Just Another Sunday/Yesterdays/You're Crazy 1/You're Crazy 2/Knockin' On Heaven's Door/ Mr. Brownstone 1/Mr. Brownstone 2/Move To The City 1/Move To The City 2/ Move To The City 3/My Michelle 1/My Michelle 2/Mama Kin 1/Mama Kin 2/ Nice Boys/November Rain (Acoustic)/November Rain (Piano)/Nightrain 1/ Nightrain 2/Out Ta Get Me 1/Out Ta Get Me 2/One In A Million/ Paradise City 1/ Paradise City 2/Patience 1/Patience 2/Ain't Goin' Down (Instrumental)/Reckless Life/Rocket Queen 1/Rocket Queen 2/Sweet Child O' Mine 1/Sweet Child O' Mine 2/Salt Of The Earth/Shadow Of Your Love 1/ Shadow Of Your Love 2/Sentimental Movie/Too Much Too Soon/Think About You/The Garden/ Welcome To The Jungle 1/Welcome To The Jungle 2/Whole Lotta Rosie.
[No image available] GN'R: The Story; Volume 2 (4 CDs) (No track list yet)
[No image available] GNR The Best is Yet to Come (various concerts USA 1 CD) (No track list yet)
Make My Day is a compilation cd of studio out takes and rare demos.  The release date is unknown at this time.  Track list: Jumpin' Jack Flash/Reckless Life/Heartbreak Hotel/Shadow of Your Love/Welcome to the Jungle/Move to the City/Jumpin' Jack Flash/November Rain/ Nice Boys/Whole Lotta Rosie/Blues Jam/One in a Million/November Rain/Paradise City/ Instrumental Jam.

Live And Alive (1CD, need more info)