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Lil' Gn'R, the first child GNR Cover Band (January 1, 2005)

Alexa Rose Palminteri as Axl; Joshua as Slash; Arielle as Izzy; Skylar as Duff; and Dylan Gordon as Steven are Lil' Gn'R.


When Axl Rose first croaked Sweet Child o' Mine back in 1987, he almost certainly had some cute golden-haired girl in mind. He didn't imagine that a cute golden-haired girl would one day be found roaring out the song herself, as the front-woman for a very peculiar tribute band, Li'l Gn'R.

The brainchild of comedian Mark Malkoff, Li'l Gn'R played their first gig at New York's punk venue CBGBs just three months ago but are already becoming a cult phenomenon. The quintet - three girls and two boys - were recruited at an open audition attended by some 100 kids. The ones who proved successful, says Malkoff, all radiated "the rock star mentality; they wanted to have a good time and party". He knew he had found his Li'l Axl the moment Alexa Rose Palminteri - remarkably, her real name - walked through the door, such was her rock'n'roll charisma.

Initially, Malkoff intended to make a Spinal Tap-style documentary about a pint-sized version of his favorite band. It was the kids themselves who persuaded him to organize a gig. All of them sing and have their own miniature instruments, but since only drummer Li'l Steven Adler - 11-year-old Dylan Gordon - can actually play, they have to perform to karaoke tracks. Every other detail, however - the clothes, the posturing - is meticulously copied.

But the kids' determination to be as authentic as possible is pushing Malkoff into some tricky situations. "I have to be very careful with what information I disclose about the real band. It's tricky when you have a six-year-old asking about Slash." While songs with swear words are banned from the Li'l GN'R repertoire, Malkoff is assiduously instructing the kids in rock'n'roll behavior. "They show up late for rehearsals, keep the audience waiting at gigs. And they're becoming really demanding: 'I want M&Ms! I want Coke!' Thankfully, their parents are keeping them grounded," he says.

He finally realized what he had let himself in for when he took Li'l Gn'R to a hotel room for an afternoon. "They trashed it! There was silly string everywhere, chocolate and candy and soda all over the room. They tore up sheets and pillows. It took me and my assistant four hours to clean up." And if the kids had had their way, the trail of destruction would have been even worse. "They wanted to destroy the TV. Unfortunately, it was all on my credit card so I had to say no."

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