Guns N Roses Childrens Songs

Guns N' Roses Children's Songs

Babies Go Guns N' Roses is a new 2006 release by a company in Argentina that produces children's songs patterned after popular music. The Babies Go Guns N' Roses album is instrumental keyboard music of the original melodies with the tempo slowed. This cd is neither produced nor endorsed by Guns N' Roses. However, it may be a good way to introduce a young child to the band without worrying about him/her repeating foul language in public and embarrassing you. I thought it was cute and Axl does favor his South American fans. It is currently being sold on Ebay for $9.90 USD.

Track list:

1. Don't Cry
2. Patience
3. Yesterdays
4. November Rain
5. You Could Be Mine
6. Sweet Child Of Mine
7. Civil War
8. Since I Don't Have You
9. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
10. You Ain't The First
11. 14 Years
12. Breakdown
13. The Garden
14. Dust Ní Bones

They also have a Metal for Babies cd released in 2006 that I thought was interesting.

Track list:

1.  Stairway For Heaven (Originally by Led Zeppelin)
2. 18 And Life (Originally by Skid Row)
3. Cemetery Gates (Originally by Pantera)
4. Nothing Else Matters (Originally by Metallica)
5. November Rain (Originally by Guns Ní Roses)
6. Dreamer (Originally by Ozzy Osbourne)
7. Wasting Love (Originally by Iron Maiden)
8. Is This Love (Originally by Whitesnake)
9. Soldier Of Fortune (Originally by Deep Purple)
10. Ella (Se Mueve En Silencio) (Originally by Tren Loco)
11. Forever (Originally by Stratovarius)
12. Still Loving You (Originally by Scorpions)
13. Carry On (Originally by Angra)
14. Dr. Stein (Originally by Helloween)
15. A Tout Le Monde (Originally by Megadeth)
16. Breaking The Law (Originally by Judas Priest)

You're not alone...I couldn't believe it either.