Bootlegs and Tour Dates 07

Guns N' Roses Bootlegs

and Tour Dates 07

Guns N' Roses is the second most bootlegged band in music history and for obvious reason.  They are one of the best live performance bands in the music industry.  They made a living off their live shows from the very beginning of their career.  They are so heavily bootlegged because each show is unpredictable and because Axl's vocal style changes with his mood.  GNR also performs songs live that may never be officially recorded and a bootleg offers the rare opportunity for fans to hear them.  A lot of people cannot attend the live shows and bootlegs benefit them as well.  Every once in a while, you may encounter bootleg cds being sold as officially licensed merchandise.  I created this list so you can recognize them when you see them and you won't get ripped off.  Once you know what is out there, you can search on Ebay for GNR music you never knew existed.  It also serves as a list of tour dates from the beginning of their career to present.  This list may also help you date your concert tees.  These bootleg cds have been produced by various fans who attended the live shows, and by non-US bootleg record labels.  They are listed in order of the appearance date, place, whether a cd was made from the show and how many, and by the album title (bold).

I have not attached a collector value to these albums because I honestly don't know what they are worth.  Suffice it to say that they are typically more valuable than officially licensed merchandise because they are so hard to obtain and difficult to replace.  This guide is offered for information purposes only.

Please do not contact me concerning anything you see listed here, as none of it is being sold or traded by me.

Despite the above disclaimer, I still get emails from people wanting a particular bootleg.

This is not my personal bootleg list!

Chinese Democracy Tour

02.08.07 Rodeo Drive's Walk of Style Ceremony, Beverly Hills, CA
04.05.07 Elton John's 60th Birthday, New York, NY (Axl wished Elton a Happy B-day on camera, "Happy Birthday, we love you.")
04.27.07 New Market Racecourse, My Coke Festival, Johannesburg, South Africa (cancelled)
05.01.07 Kenilworth Racecourse, My Coke Festival, Cape Town, South Africa (cancelled)
06.02.07 Arena Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico
06.03.07 VFG Arena, Guadalajara, Mexico
06.05.07 City Sports Palace, Mexico City, Mexico
06.10.07 Burswood Dome, Perth, Australia w/Rose Tattoo (Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys sang Liquor and Whores w/GNR)
06.13.07 Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, Australia w/Rose Tattoo
06.15.07 Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia w/Rose Tattoo
06.16.07 Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia w/Rose Tattoo
06.20.07 Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia w/Rose Tattoo
06.23.07 Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia w/Rose Tattoo
06.24.07 Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia w/Rose Tattoo
06.29.07 Aukland Vector Arena, Aukland, New Zealand w/Rose Tattoo
06.30.07 Aukland Vector Arena, Aukland, New Zealand w/Rose Tattoo
07.03.07 Westpac Arena, Christchurch, New Zealand w/Rose Tattoo
07.14.07 Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan w/Mucc
07.15.07 Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan w/Mucc
07.17.07 Nippon Gaishi Hall, Nagoya, Japan w/Mucc
07.18.07 Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan w/Mucc
07.21.07 Intex Osaka, Osaka, Japan w/Mucc