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GN'R Quotes and Facts 1989
The World According to W. Axl Rose April 1989
The Rolling Stone Interview with Axl Rose August 1989
Stick To Your Guns April 21 & 28, 1990
Fans Riot August 22, 1991
There's A Riot Goin On September 1991
Guns N' Roses - Outta Control September 5, 1991
Axl Gets In The Ring 1992
Guns N' Roses From The Inside March 1992
Axl Rose: The Rolling Stone Interview April 2, 1992
I, Axl September-November 1992
On the Road with Guns N' Roses December 1992
Guns N' Roses Interview July 1993
"Oh My God" Press Release September 22, 1999
Axl Rose - A Conversation with Kurt Loder November 8, 1999
Axl Speaks January 2000
Axl Talks At The Pool Side January 2001
Axl Interview Radio Rock And Pop Chile January 2001
Axl Interview Rock & Pop FM Argentina January 22, 2001
Beta Lebeis Interview March 12, 2001
Beta Lebeis Interview July 7, 2001
GN'R Press Release GNR Online, August 14, 2002
Post VMA Interview by MTV's Kurt Loder August 29, 2002
Axl Interview KISW Seattle November 8, 2002
The Complete Classic Axl Rose Interview April, 2005




The Illusion of Greatness June 1991
Tears Before Bedtime July 1991
Here Today Gone To Hell September 1991
Guns N' Neuroses September 1991
Moving Pictures 1994
Just A Little Patience July 1999
Guns N' Roses August 21, 1999
What Happened To Axl Rose May 11, 2000
Didn't You Used To Be Axl Rose? May 2001
American Hellhound June 7, 2001
Guns N' Roses Not Able to Perform at Rock In Rio (press release) March 30, 2004
GN'R Set the Record Straight (press release) October 12, 2004
Radio Axl January 2005
It's Only Rock N' Roll February 2005
The Story Behind Sweet Child O' Mine December 2005
Axl Responds to Lawsuit (press release) March 6, 2006
GN'R Get In The Ring! (press release) May 19, 2006
Guns N' Roses storm New York (press release) May 22, 2006
Guns N' Babies! (press release) June 21, 2006
Guns N' Roses Knock Out Stockholm (press release) June 28, 2006
Guns N' Roses Continue Through Europe! (press release) June 30, 2006
Guns N' Roses Heat Wave (press release) July 22, 2006
Guns N' Roses Win Big In Europe (press release) August 1, 2006
Guns N' Roses announce "Chinese Democracy" North American tour (press release) September 29, 2006
An open letter to the fans from Axl (press release) December 14, 2006
An Open Letter To Guns Ní Roses Fans From Merck Mercuriadis (press release) December 15, 2006