Appetite for Destruction Compact Discs

Appetite for Destruction

July 21, 1987 (Uzi Suicide/Geffen)

Compact Discs

In this guide, I give an issue date, release location, and a monetary value of what an item is worth to a collector.  This value only applies to an item that is in perfect mint condition, i.e., it has to be factory sealed.  Please refer to my Evaluation Guide for more information.

The original worldwide release is currently valued at $18.00 (CD).


Original artwork cover released in Japan 1987 with obi strip.  Valued at $190.00 (CD).
Released in Japan 1987 with obi sticker.  Includes a set of 10" prints inside a 10x10.5" picture box.  Valued at $185.00 (CD).
Released in Taiwan 1995 with obi strip.  Valued at $37.00 (CD).
Released worldwide May 13, 1997.  Limited Edition 24ct Gold CD Master Recordings by Mobile Fidelity.  Includes original artwork.  Valued at $77.00 (CD).
Released August 1, 2002 in Japan by Universal/Polygram Records.  Axl re-recorded the original music with the new band's lineup.  This album is valued at $27.00 (CD).

Promotional Material

Appetite for Destruction 7" Clear Vinyl Flexi Disc Promo with paper backing contains information on LP and quotes from different rock magazines.  Features snippets from the album with intros.  Only sent to radio stations in 1987.  Valued at $70.00 (Vinyl)
  Appetite for Destruction Press Kit Promo featuring 6-page press release including comments from the band on each track, 32 pages of press articles, and one 8x10 black & white publicity photo inside glossy white folder with Geffen logo.  Only sent to media in 1987.  Valued at $80.00.
  Appetite for Destruction Promo in a gold stamped cover includes Cross logo sticker.  Valued at $70.00 (Vinyl LP)
  Appetite for Destruction CD Advanced Sample Promo, 10x10 boxed edition, released in Japan 1991.  Valued at $50.00 (CD).