Appetite for Destruction Initial Releases

Appetite for Destruction

July 21, 1987 (Uzi Suicide/Geffen)

Initial Releases

In this guide, I give an issue date, release location, and a monetary value of what an item is worth to a collector.  This value only applies to an item that is in perfect mint condition, i.e., it has to be factory sealed.  Please refer to my Evaluation Guide for more information.

Track List:

1. Welcome to the Jungle
2. It's So Easy
3. Night Train
4. Out Ta Get Me
5. Mr. Brownstone
6. Paradise City
7. My Michelle
8. Think About You
9. Sweet Child O' Mine
10. You're Crazy
11. Anything Goes
12. Rocket Queen

Also released as a Cassette Tape and CD.

First Release


The original cover was a Robert Williams' painting titled "Appetite for Destruction" (1978) for which the album is named.   Only 30,000 copies were printed worldwide.  The album featured a warning label that reads, "Contains language which may be unsuitable for some listeners," and has CRS 24143 beneath the warning on the sticker.   Most record distributors and feminist groups thought the cover was demeaning to women because of the rape scene, so some record stores refused to sell it. It wasn't until 1989 when the media complained of the artwork and the lyrics of the song 'One In A Million' that the artwork was banned.  This album in mint condition, factory sealed is valued at $232.00 USD (Vinyl LP).


This album is being counterfeited and sold on Ebay.

How to spot a fake:


1) The warning sticker is missing on the front cover.

2) There is a number above the bar code on the back cover.  It reads, "424 148-1."  Beside this number is, "LC 07266."  And, the bar code is the wrong number, "0 720642 414811."  The real bar code number should read, "0 7599-24148-1 4"

3) The copyright information is wrong.  It reads, "P&C 1987 The David Geffen Company, an MCA Company.  All trademarks and logos are protected."

4) The trademark logo is wrong.  It reads, "GEFFEN RECORDS an MCA Company."

5) The back cover contains one typo each in Izzy's and Axl's credits.  Under Izzy's credits, "vocals" is misspelled with a 'G', "vogals".  Under Axl's credits, "vocals" is misspelled with an 'I', "vicals". 


How to spot an authentic original:



Second Release

The second release was issued in 1988 to accompany the movie, The Dead Pool.  It included a sheet of Japanese stickers.  This album in mint condition, factory sealed, with sticker sheet is valued at $93.00 USD (Vinyl LP).

Third Release



The third release came out in 1989 after the original artwork was banned.  It features a Celtic cross and skulls while the original artwork was placed on the liner.  The vinyl album also included a cross logo sticker.  This album in mint condition, factory sealed, with sticker is valued at $93.00 USD (Vinyl LP).


This album is also being counterfeited and sold on Ebay.


How to spot a fake:

The back cover features the Stravinski Bros. logo at the top beneath the heading "Career Affairs".  This logo does not appear on the first release.  Axl's credits are printed on his leg.  On the first release, they were printed along the bottom with the others.

The cassette tape released worldwide 1987 is valued at $9.00 (Cassette).